Showcasing My Favourite American Designer

Tonight I thought I would share one of my favourite designers with you all, I am a HUGE fan of clothes that you can wear in more than one way and that you can be a little creative with. So when I meet ladies who don’t mind being a little creative with their clothes, my no.1 choice of designer has to be Butter By Nadia. Originally a dancer and choreographer (another passion of mine!), she decided to design a selection of gorgeous women’s clothes which can be worn on and off the dance floor. her jersey fabric is patented and is as soft as butter (hence the name!) Her dresses have since been seen on Jennifer Hudson, SJP, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway…the list goes on!!

So clearly, if BBN is good enough for Hollywood, its DEFINITELY good enough for my clients! I recommend her often & I am delighted to be able to showcase these examples to you all today.

The first picture features the beautiful Christiana. Her brand is Unleashing Aphrodite – the Goddess of Love! Obviously with the theme of love, the obvious colour choice is RED – nothing else can ooze the subject of love better. After a fair bit of persuasive bargaining from yours truly (yes, I use my legal negotiating skills when I have to!), we ended up with the beautiful dress that you see in her branding shoot.

The second picture features the gorgeous Jules, who’s brand “Feel Glorious” encourages entrepreneurs to bring vibrancy and health back into their business. On this occasion, I lent Jules a BBN dress from my personal collection for her photo shoot (yes my wardrobe is huge – great news for my clients, but it has worried my previous partners!)! Red wasn’t the only choice for the shoot here, but whatever we went for, the colour had to be zesty and lively so that it could suit her brand and once again Butter by Nadia came up trumps.

And finally, I raided the wardrobe again to help Kim with another Butter By Nadia classic. Kim’s brand “The Soul Practitioner” is all about helping professional’s find an easier way to live their lives – its corporate with a spiritual slant. The brand that Kim had to exude needed to have both elegance and spirituality mixed in. The cream coloured Miss Pizazz was perfect; designer to suit the elite & lightly coloured to suit the spiritual piece – gorgeous!

If you fancy getting your own Butter by Nadia piece, they often have sales here, featuring gorgeous items in a wide range of colours and styles. Enjoy!

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