How to attract the opportunities you truly want

Using this simple technique, you can vastly boost the chances that you will have to attract the opportunities that you would like to! This video was filmed in around 2010 and focused on finding love, but it can also work for any opportunities that you want to bring into your life.  

Shay Is Featured in Psychologies Magazine

Shay Speaks to Anita Chaudhuri from Psychologies Magazine about how to create deeper connections in the big city

How to create an abundant life

Shay & Ayman take to the stage together to share their insight into how to create a truly abundant life

How to attract money into your life

Do you wish that abundance could flow into your life more easily? This 10 min talk will give you some quick tips to instantly boost your personal abundance!

How Compassion can help you to boost your business

Professional services industries are famously lacking in compassion. With Shay’s experience as a barrister & a coach, she takes you through her top three tips to make your clients feel special (& boost your own business)

Inspire’d Speakers night

I have started running the best “stage” venture that I have ever been involved in – Inspire’d! We have celebrated our first birthday, and are currently very blessed with sell out audiences 🙂 I run these events with my partner in crime and Inspiration Ayman Najafi. We had a vision to bring to London its first […]

Shay Allie is featured in The Sunday Times!

  I was totally delighted to be featured in The Sunday Times style magazine alongside Gabrielle Bernstein on the subject of the increasing popularity of spirituality to the masses.   If you are a subscriber to The Sunday Times, you can check out the article here  

How to be Captivating – the Talk!

Shay shares her top tips on “How to Be Captivating” from the Inspire’d stage on our launch night! Take 10 mins out to watch the talk to boost your own captivating-ness  

The Magic of Meditation

marcelo gorenman

Having spent one year getting up at 3:15am every single day that I have been home to lead a 4-5am morning meditation, for which I have to actually get up, get dressed & take drive to (!), I cannot believe that tonight is my last night! I’m actually really happy with myself right now, albeit […]

Harvard Emotional Intelligence Seminar

I have spent the last week, over in a completely fate-guided trip to Boston. The one time I wasn’t going to listen to my intuition because I travel too much/spend too much/don’t need any more training, the call to go to Harvard was very strong. So I went with it & have not only had […]

Wills & Kate Have the Perfect Brand

Brand and image can take you from an unknown to a complete superstar, or from a superstar to a megastar! The most successful people in today’s society are 100% consistent, authentic and congruent in the way that they convey themselves in every stage. Using the Royal Wedding theme of the moment; as soon as Wills […]

The 7 Principles of Financial Abundance (so you can do what you love!)

We all want to do what we love and be the best we can be. You may work in accounts yet really want to be a model. You may be a cashier who wants to be a singer (come to mine & Fiona’s jazz night at Playtime if you are!) You may be an estate […]

The Importance of Having a Vision

Shay reports LIVE from the beautiful Island of Maui on how your dreams can become a reality if you take a few hours of your time to create what your dream is going to be. Watch this short clip to learn a simple technique to find out how!  

The Forgiveness Process

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful things that we can do in order to release negativity in our own minds and bodies. In the words of Nelson Mandela, not forgiving is like drinking poison yourself, then expecting your enemy to die. Therefore, forgiveness is important first and foremost for YOU. I have therefore decided […]

Being Happy: The Secret to Attraction

Once again, I felt drawn to writing to you all today, inspired this time by a discussion started by my friend Keeg. We were talking about the importance of being happy, and why it is so key for us not to place too many criteria on WHEN we’re going to let this happiness start. The […]

The Scale of Consciousness

I wanted to share this article with everyone today. I think that David Hawkins’ work is very enlightening, and a great way to look at society and humanity. As the article explains the work so beautifully, I am not going to write about it at length here, but in brief, Hawkins’ work uses a numeric […]

Why is it important to have a dream

I’ve just been asked this question this morning, and I think this issue is so fundamentally important that it deserved a short note. One of the questions I love to think about for myself is “What do you want?” Think of your life as a ship. Would you rather be captain of your own ship, […]

The REAL woman is the REAL beauty

Fabulous article in the Daily Mail today, stating that models these days are 23% lighter than the average woman! And its crazy to think that this beautiful woman is actually a “plus size” model! My goodness – she’s honestly far more stunning! I have also shared this article on my Facebook, as have a number […]

Finding love – The Spiritual Way

Its a long time since I wrote a note about finding love. Today I’m going to make an exception, being the Grown Up Kiss Chase girl after all! Since being single (again!) I have learnt the most valuable lesson when it comes to finding love is to take a look at yourself. Spend all your […]

You can find peace anywhere

Shay meets with Jon Shaw the founder of Decoding Pain about how you can find peace anywhere – even a local Essex Car Park!  

My guide to surviving the sales – enjoy!!

Shay  hits Oxford Street on Boxing Day to share her tips for surviving the madness!  

Santa…for Christmas I’d like to be as sexy as a Victoria Secret Model. How do I do it?

I found this on youtube yesterday: Where on earth am I supposed to look?! At sexy Adam (he man isn’t even my type, yet I can’t take my eyes off him!!)? The STUNNING women (ok, you don’t have to be slim to be beautiful, but you can’t deny these women are very blessed in the […]

The Clothes Show – Even Your Dad’s Clothes can be sexy!

Shay takes her blog to the Clothes Show where she talks to designer Ruth Milliam about using natural materials to create beautiful clothes – yes even dad’s old jumpers!

Its all about mindset – a mission for this week should you choose to accept it

I’m feeling very grateful right now to have been able to be of assistance, in particular to two girls that felt that life was about stress, guilt & overwhelm. I think its tragic to see someone in their early 20s feel that that is all there is. The scenario in one girl’s case was this. […]

The Clothes Show Part 1 – Be Unique

Shay visits the Clothes Show with her blog to share her top tips on standing out – with style!!

The Importance Of Image

Your first impression is 40% visual, 36% body language and only 7% what you say. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so make yours last!

Showcasing My Favourite American Designer

Tonight I thought I would share one of my favourite designers with you all, I am a HUGE fan of clothes that you can wear in more than one way and that you can be a little creative with. So when I meet ladies who don’t mind being a little creative with their clothes, my […]

10 Stereotypes of Powerful Women

Ok, so this isn’t my article, but its brilliant, so I just had to share it! View it here Which one are you (or is there another?)

Play your way to £1,000,000 with the Mind Money Game

Thats a pretty big promise I know. And as long as its not some Nigerian Banking scam, selling your soul or an internet fad, obviously the promise would grab most people’s attention 🙂 So…what is it? Well, its called the “Mind Money Game” created by Carl Bradbook, and it was shared with me a few […]

The Price of Success

Personal success isn’t easy. That may sound a bit silly to some – particularly if you are just waiting to get *there* rather than enjoying the ride. However, sometimes we are so focused on the things that we dream of, that we forget that there is a cost to actually getting them. I’m sure some […]

Kill The Nerves – Take The Stage!

As many of you will have already heard me say, public speaking is one of our biggest fears, so much so that in the book of lists, more people feared this than death! With that in mind, my previous guises of barrister, radio DJ and stand up comedienne would seem like utter madness to some […]

Wills & Kate Have the Perfect Brand

Brand and image can take you from an unknown to a complete superstar, or from a superstar to a megastar! The most successful people in today’s society are 100% consistent, authentic and congruent in the way that they convey themselves in every stage. Using the Royal Wedding theme of the moment; as soon as Wills […]

What is heaven & Hell

This isn’t my writing – it comes from the very talented Katherine Woodward Thomas, but I loved this analogy & thought I would share it 🙂 Lets try and create heaven everyday! Love to you all xxx “hell is like this. You enter a beautiful dining hall, decorated with the finest linens and china. Over […]

Let Go…

If you’re full of worries, this can really affect your performance in business and in life. If you’re ready to let it all go (or at least give it a damn good try!), it can be fun to make a bit of a ceremony of it and start next month off with a bang! I […]

Embrace Your Core Energy

As some of you may already know, I spent some time at the end of last year in the beautiful Palm Springs for Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny Event. Before I went out there, the only feedback I’d hear about it is “its fantastic!”, but no one actually tells you what it is all about. […]

How to Pay a Killer Compliment

(: You’re all wonderful:) If you write to me individually, you may get my demonstration of an even more PERFECT compliment, which is what today’s note is going to be about. Compliments are a funny thing. Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in our own stuff that we don’t realise people are paying them to us. […]

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