Play your way to £1,000,000 with the Mind Money Game

Thats a pretty big promise I know. And as long as its not some Nigerian Banking scam, selling your soul or an internet fad, obviously the promise would grab most people’s attention 🙂 So…what is it? Well, its called the “Mind Money Game” created by Carl Bradbook, and it was shared with me a few days ago. I found it really intriguing & fun 🙂 The concept is a simple one…the idea is that you can make a million starting from absolutely nothing.

You start the game by finding or being given your first penny, and consistently working to double whatever money you have at any given time until you reach £1m. You are not allowed to add to the pot from your own money, nor are you allowed to make it from any of the things that you would usually do to generate income. The idea is that you invest whatever you make back into the pot, and have the discipline to not touch it for anything else until you reach the million.

Interesting concept, and given that I want to travel and relax a bit more in my life, it feels like a bit of an enticing proposition to give it a go. Within 48 hours of starting “the game” I found my first 1p, found 5p a few days later, then as I was wondering how on earth I can great creative and double 6p, I got given 3.5EURO by a random stranger in front of me in a LONG ticket queue in Paris who randomly thought I might need some change for the ticket machine. So I’m now in a position where I have just over £3 to try and double as my next little hurdle.

If you fancy playing the game, or are doing so already, do you have any creative ideas on how to double £3 other than:

a) ask a mate to give you £6, if you give them £3. or
b) buy something from a chinese import site to sell on ebay.

I’m thinking ebay is probably the way forward unless I miraculously find any larger denominations!
If any of you would like to check out the instructions, you can download a free copy of the book here.

Anyone wanna play? If you do, I would love to know how its working out for you 🙂

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