The Emergency Call

Perhaps you are just about to do a speaking gig or a stage performance. If your nerves are getting you down or your image is baffling you, we will get you completely ready to take the stage in this 1 hour, laser focused call, so that you are ready to shine! £200/$350

Mini VIP Day

A half day version of the VIP day in which we will have time to tackle your one biggest challenge in the area of personal presence. This is a very suitable option for those that have already done the VIP day and are in need of a recharge. £600/$900


It is only the most passionate and congruent people in business that effortlessly attract clients and fulfil their dreams. The Impact VIP Day is a unique inner you/outer image transformational experience, by the end of which you will act, feel and be completely congruent with the message you want to share. This consistent congruency will be reflected in your outer image and presence. During this day we are able to work on your style, confidence and any inner barriers that you have to completely shining in public and on stage! The red carpet awaits…
VIP Day: £999/$1499
VIP Day Deluxe (includes a free custom made shift dress and photography session): £1499/$$2250
3 VIP Days Package (includes Deluxe Package): £2499/$3750

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