Shay, you are truly soulful & gifted stylist & shopper (& of course so much more than those things). I certainly felt captivating & was like the canvas for your amazing artwork. I can’t thank you enough. And THANK YOU Xxxxxxxxxxxx
Lucie Bradbury, Leamington Spa

presence, compassion and generosity are priceless

In areas that seem muddled to me, Shay has given me insight about who I am and how my gifts express through me. I am forever grateful to Shay for her connection to the Divine and ability to be a loving translator for me. Her presence, compassion, and generosity are priceless. As I continue on my journey, I know I can call upon Shay as a guide that I trust. If you get a chance to receive healing work from her, do it!
Susie, Doylestown PA, USA

helped my mind to calm down, and my body relax

The indepth healing session I had with Shay helped my mind to calm down, and my body to relax and become more in tune with my mind and my feelings.

The rest of my evening after the session left me feeling very contemplative and reassured about myself. This was the important first step I needed towards beginning to deal with some very difficult times, for which I am very grateful to Shay

Biba, London UK

she is able to intuitively identify and help release blocks

Shay has a real gift for assisting others with reaching their full potential in many important areas of their lives. Her knowledge and experience coupled with her desire to really help people gain the most from their lives makes her a very effective mentor. One of Shay’s particular strengths is that she is able to intuitively identify and help release blocks that we can sometimes be unaware of or indeed need to be reminded about! She is passionate about fostering greater self-belief and is brilliant at helping to facilitate this in others.
Caitlin MacKenzie, London UK

Really draws out the best in you

Shay knows how to be captivating because Shay just is captivating – you only have to look at her to know that. What makes her different to just being a style consultant or presentation guru however is the masterful range of skills she draws upon the depth that she goes into to draw out your personal strength, power and charisma. She is incredible intuitive and uses several different healing and energy modalities to help you clear blocks and limiting beliefs and really draw out the best in you. Shay is a remarkable lady and incredibly inspiring…and has a massive heart as well. I can’t recommend her enough.
Krish Surroy, Brighton UK

Gave me the confidence to deal with whatever comes my way

Shay taught me to see my situation in a different way and helped me to focus on the positive aspects at a time when I could no longer see them. She is very patient and understanding, and gave me the confidence to not only deal with this situation but with whatever comes my way
MT, Holland

A Liberating Experience

Shay showed me a new way to look at my particular problem by getting me to see things from a completely different angle – a truly liberating experience! She also taught me practical exercises, which I continue to use often, and therefore I have gained an invaluable and ongoing way to cope and manage my situation. She has a wealth of knowledge and more importantly, the amazing ability to share this in the most patient, professional and caring way.
MN, Wellington New Zealand

arsenal of tools, methods and advice

Shay has a small arsenal of tools, methods and advice to break down and solve the problems you are experiencing. She took me through a few of her methodologies to help my working relationships over a few hours. Shay was able to help me understand where the successes and problems lay and also offered many helpful suggestions on how things might be improved.
S, Bath UK

lasting positive impact

Shay demonstrates professional coaching skills in resolving difficult, personal issues that may have been ignored by their owner for many years. She is able to offer fresh perspectives that allow those whom she coaches to reach their own conclusions in their own time. She does so in a reasonable way so that time spent with Shay has a lasting, positive impact.
Kath Hartup, London UK

Higher self exercise worked very well

I have used your higher self exercise to good effect riding my horse – which is where I thought I would immediately be able to test it  – sometimes riding a big horse, who is by nature a flight animal, can require nerves of steel and I just imagined how brave my higher self is – it worked very well!
Sue, Essex UK

set me on the path to becoming a more confident performer

When I came to Shay for a session, I was struggling with performance anxiety and wanted to boost my stage presence and general confidence. Shay is incredibly warm, positive and insightful and made some really great observations about my life in general and how to deal with being on stage in particular. She also gave me some really useful strategies on how to develop as a performer and improve my well-being overall. The session was a really positive experience and certainly set me on the path to becoming a more confident performer.
R (Singer), Berlin Germany

A unique and wonderful pratitioner

The first time I had my bars run, it was with Shay. In that hour, I felt a complete sense of peace and well being and could feel the blocked energy moving through my body. The best thing about my bars session with Shay was the insight she gave me about my chakras and why I was experiencing this change in energy. She had amazing insight into my body and its blocked energy and how it was reflected in my personality. All in all a great bars session with a unique and wonderful bars practitioner.
Imani Backes, London U

You reconnected me with something important about my power and beauty

you are AWESOME at the inner captivating – you have this tremendous inner power and sense of self and strength…..and actually, even though you dress amazingly, and are absolutely stunning, it is this inner greatness that emanates from you massively. The outer stuff would look half so stunning if it wasn’t for the way you shine through it.  You reconnected me with something far more important deep down about my power and beauty, and all of my journey since then has been about that.
Danica Apolline, Brighton UK

Shay is professional, inspirational and has a presence about her that draws you to her and is always willing to help and support you in whatever way she can.
Christina Young, Kenley UK

Shay was attentive and full of ideas, she delicately facilitated the clearing out of things that I had left lurking at the back of my wardrobe for many years, thereby allowing space for more exciting future creations!
Kim Parker, Chelmsford UK

A joy to work with

Shay is always full of enthusiasm, puts 110% into everything she does, she’s a joy to work with. Shay is action oriented all the way – I would recommend her services to anyone wanting a slice of her talent!
Lynette Allen
Suffolk, UK

professional, warm, inspirational

Shay is a very warm, intuitive woman, very professional, very creative, inspirational to work with.. She is a wonderful empathetic listener. She creates a safe, supported space where her clients can think, explore and find the answers they need. She is a professional, warm, inspirational & works skilfully to get the best possible results for her clients. She is multi talented woman and I would recommend taking any opportunity to work with her
Meg Reid, Suffolk, UK

Most of all Shay understood my brand and what it meant

Shay you are a branding stylist/goddess/magician! I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do something as important as purchasing clothes that express who they are (which is also what their business is at core) without an expert like you by their side.
I arrived in London recently, with only a couple of hours sleep behind me, after a long drive to Belfast airport for an early flight, going to an unfamiliar part of the city with a HUGE suitcase, in the heat, my curls (and me) wilting, and a mission to find the perfect dress for a photo shoot happening in just two days …. for me, that was the beginning of a nightmare scenario! Not only do I NOT enjoy clothes shopping but to do it under these circumstances!
Well, everything changed from the moment I met Shay. We had arranged an hour of consulting so she could help me find a dress for a shoot she was already helping me prepare for, but it was so much more than that. I felt cared for. I felt seen. My tastes were taken into consideration and I felt like I had an ally who was putting all her knowledge and experience towards helping me look as beautiful and still ME as possible.
Most of all Shay understood my brand and what it meant and brought that into the mix. I will never forget her telling the lady who sold us the dress that “Chrissy’s brand is about Happily Ever After, so anything black is simply unsuitable’ … not even the slightest temptation to suggest safe and slimming black!
And we found the most stunning beautiful red dress in a shop I would have walked right past if I had been on my own. Within minutes she was even teaching the sales assistant new ways of wearing the dress!
Thank you for taking me in hand, leading what will forever be known as the ‘Red Aphrodite Dress’ adventure and helping me to feel like a Queen.
Christianna Caeliss, Donegal Ireland

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

What I loved about working with Shay, is that she not only understood what would work for my body shape and style, but she instinctively knew what was absolutely spot on for my brand. We are walking embodiments of our businesses, so it is really important to get this piece right. And whilst it was sometimes challenging to overcome my own perceptions of myself, Shay was always warm, compassionate, encouraging and generous of spirit, whilst still challenging me to reach for my highest potential and to embody who I am becoming, rather than slipping into the safety of familiarity.

I can’t recommend her highly enough! Jules Anderson, London UK

Thanks of spreading your wonderful light, beauty, tenderness and wisdom

since that moment you connected with me and healed me, I feel so connected with you, you made a huge shift in me – still ongoing process: of bringing me to be really me and authentic – and I am so scared of being really me and not loved or liked anymore when I am me. Having a big time with that- and thinking of you lifts me up, like carried through. Thanks of spreading your wonderful light, beauty, tenderness and wisdom. You are amazing. huge hug, love & light, Anja Buenning De Bedon, Hamburg Germany

One of the most intuitive, fabulous and captivating women I know
Jen Kem, Honolulu, Hawaii

velocity, depth, and wisdom that is truly profound and one-of-a-kind

I’ve had several sessions with Shay and find her to be immensely gifted, powerful, loving, patient, and healing. Shay has an amazing sense of intuition that she puts to great use which gives her work a velocity, depth, and wisdom that is truly profound and one-of-a-kind. Shay’s work with me includes improving my vibration and mindset to ever more positive and healthy tones and transforming my personal relationships and relationship with abundance.  Since working with her very recently I am drawing more and more wonderful people into my life, have deeper and more meaningful contact with those I already know, have a profound sense of gratitude for all the blessings I’ve been given, which gives me a peace and happiness that is beyond words, and have established a solid, wonderful foundation for increasing abundance in all areas of my life such as finances and relationships. I highly recommend you commence working with Shay as soon as possible, she is a true gift to this world! Jonathan Rosser, Pennsylvania, USA

Rapidly clears traces of dense energy and always leaves me feeling newly uplifted

Shay has a beautiful, warm and reassuring energy and her healing sessions provide me with a perfect escape from my sometimes crazy, busy life. Her deep healing and gentle coaching rapidly clears any traces of dense energy and always leaves me feeling newly uplifted and in an expanded heart-space of peace and joy and possibility.
It’s always a gift and a pleasure to connect with Shay. She has a beautiful soul and a wonderful joyful anything-is-possible energy which is contagious.
Linda Stewart, London UK

Captivating the moment you meet her…charming, confident, warm and deeply intelligent

Shay is one of those people who is captivating the moment you meet her. She is charming, confident, warm and deeply intelligent. She has a wonderful eye for what works visually, knows what is required to hold an audience and can see what small shifts you need to make within yourself to create the type of presence you want to embody. I LOVE working with her. It’s fun, and empowering!
Helen Elizabeth Evans, London UK

Shay has the drive of a Ferrari, the intuition of a prophet and the charisma of a bejewelled night sky

Shay has the drive of a Ferrari, the intuition of a prophet and the charisma of a bejewelled night sky. Her truly expansive talents range from brilliant barrister to sensual stylist, savvy speaker to holistic healer.

If you get the chance to work with Shay in any of her capacities, then do so. She is worth the investment. You will find her depth of knowledge is combined with an elegance and vitality that both captivates and delivers.

She has an uncanny way of taking your seemingly impossible situation and throwing light on it in such a way that the road ahead becomes clear and eminently achievable.

There’s something about Shay that touches everyone she meets …You don’t even need to put your finger on it. You just know your world has opened up because of your time with Shay
Izzy Gainford, Bath UK

Intuitive sense of style and feminine creativity

The time I spent with Shay was so valuable. We looked in depth at the kind of image I wanted to portray on stage and how my outfits could enhance my performance by reflecting my inner personality. She even advised me to change my hair color and I love it! Shay’s intuitive sense of style and her feminine creativity really caused me to consider my image and the impact it can have on my business.
Nicki Vee Birmingham, UK

Breathtaking Wendy following our mini VIP day

Beautiful Caroline following a series of sessions

Princess Patty following our session

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