I want to share with everyone the real success formula; whether you wish for health, your ideal career or the lover of your dreams:


I dreamt, like most little children, of what I wanted to be when I grew up. To some kids that usually means being a princess, a popstar or a footballer. To me, it meant being a barrister; a woman with the gift of the gab and the ability to defend the needy. It never occurred to me that the career was near impossible to get into, and one where even if you’ve qualified, you stand a less than 20% chance of a permanent work in the industry! It also never occurred to me being young, feminine, fairly attractive, ethnic mish-mash did not exactly fit the mould of a typical barrister. Anything but success was not an option, and the opinions of people who would tell me otherwise were simply deleted from my mind. And you know what? My journey into landing my first job, with what remains one of the top ranked barristers chambers in the UK came almost effortlessly. How? I used to flippantly tell people that I relied on charm & good looks. I have learnt that perhaps the answer was not so flippant after all. Being Captivating makes you an instant magnet to other people, whether it be in a business or social setting. By learning how to be captivating on all levels, from the inside out, you can make that impact wherever you go IMMEDIATELY. Its all very well having the right skills, but we MUST get attention first in order to be listened to. So read the BOOK, or the BLOG and always ensure that YOU are showing off your most CAPTIVATING self.

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