Finding love – The Spiritual Way

Its a long time since I wrote a note about finding love. Today I’m going to make an exception, being the Grown Up Kiss Chase girl after all! Since being single (again!) I have learnt the most valuable lesson when it comes to finding love is to take a look at yourself. Spend all your efforts on just working on that piece of it. The more aligned you become with your true self, the more magnetic you become not only to love, but also to business opportunities, social opportunities and essentially anything that you want which relies on making an impression of other people. You may even start to see any excess weight fall away – its powerful work. And if you go on to reflect who you are in your outer image and presence and you become irresistible!

Back in 2004, when I became single, I craved the love that I once had so much that I would have done anything to find it… “anything” meaning the practical side of things, as that is all I knew at the time. I did things like go to the gym, try internet dating etc, but the one thing I could never go was to let go of how strongly I wanted it. This lead to many funny, but ultimately disastrous dates because. looking back, I wasn’t in the right space. It was only when I almost “gave up” on the idea of ever finding a relationship again that my most recent ex walked into my life. He happened to be sitting in the audience when I was doing my first comedy gig!

Having ended yet another 3 year relationship on New Years Day 2011, I decided to take a vey different approach this time around. Rather than “make it happen” I wanted to come from a far more feminine and spiritual place, and just let the divine take care of me. You still have to be really clear on what you want, and believe that you’ll get it. but you also have to trust that you’ll get it when the time is right. In the meantime, you really do have plenty to do when it comes to working on you. Be the best version of you that you can be – after all, you’re about to meet the man/woman of your dreams and you want to create a good impression don’t you?!

So although some of my non-spiritual friends think I’m a bit crazy, i actually like the “trust the divine” option. By doing nothing else but being in this state, I started to experience a real shift in the type of men coming into my life. Not only are they a lot closer to what I would want, but they come into my life in the most unexpected ways, without me making any sort of conscious effort apart from being the best version of me that I can.

Which brings me to now. I want to share the last lesson that I learnt only this week….sometimes when you are /very/ close to meeting “The One”, you will be sent Mr. or Mrs. “Almost”. Mr. Almost is the person that fulfils nearly every, or every criteria on your list. But there’ll be something amiss. In these scenarios you really have to trust your gut instincts and love yourself enough to know that “almost” with a niggling feeling of “isn’t right” is not for you if you truly want your soulmate. Do you love yourself enough to let this person go? Well, I just did. He could have easily been my next “Mr. 3 years” and now I’m pretty sure he hates me. Leaving the constant adoration behind wasn’t exactly easy, but if its not from the person that your heart and soul wants, it isn’t really worth doing. You’ll have the love that you crave – you just need to know in your heart that you’ll get it, be brave enough to go for it, then relax and get on with being you!

If you’re on the path to finding love, here are 7 simple steps to help you do it “The Spiritual Way”

1. Know what you want

2. Live in your core masculine/feminine energy – there is nothing more attractive than a woman being a woman & a man being a man.

3. Be the best version of you – the version that Mr. or Ms. Right will not be able to resist

4. Project the best version of you in your image and presence wherever you go

5. Trust that the divine will take care of it for you and let go of the need to /do/ anything to force it

6. Love yourself enough to listen to your instincts and let go of that, that just doesn’t feel right

7. Get a little help from your friends to keep your spirits high! I have tagged some of the people that have helped me on my Mr. Almost journey in the last few weeks, each of them utterly brilliant in their own fields, and each of them filled with a level of warmth and wisdom that never fails to make me feel like I’m a better person because we’ve connected.

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