How to Pay a Killer Compliment

(: You’re all wonderful:)
If you write to me individually, you may get my demonstration of an even more PERFECT compliment, which is what today’s note is going to be about. Compliments are a funny thing. Sometimes, we’re so wrapped up in our own stuff that we don’t realise people are paying them to us. So I’m going to invite you to play two little games today

1. Count the Compliments
Count all the compliments that you receive this month – even the little ones – you’ll be positively glowing by the end of it when you open your eyes and start paying attention (you’ve already had one at the top of this note to give you a head start!) Give Compliments Spread the love and see how many compliments you can give. For those of you that are a little shy – see you if can play the game too, because no matter who you are or who it comes from, how good does it feel when someone pays you a really nice compliment? How great would it be to make someone else feel that way? In order to pay an absolute KILLER compliment that has the capability to put someone on cloud 9 (dynamite if you want to absolutely charm someone) there are only three things to remember: 1. Make it genuine and sincere. People can smell insincerity a mile off, but sincerity has the power to touch someone’s soul

2. Make it evidence based
For example, rather than saying “I think you’re really witty”, you can say “I think you’re really witty because that thing you did last Friday just had me in stitches all night”. The second is far more powerful because you’re telling the person how you reached your decision, making your decision all the more valid

3. Don’t have any expectations or attachments to what will happen after you pay the compliment
If you’re only paying it so that a girl will give you her number, she’s not going to be as flattered. If you pay it “just because” she’s much more likely to part with her number in the first place! Follow these steps and you can make someone else feel a million dollars (and spreading the good karma will be great for you too!)

Happy complimenting

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