Being Happy: The Secret to Attraction

Once again, I felt drawn to writing to you all today, inspired this time by a discussion started by my friend Keeg. We were talking about the importance of being happy, and why it is so key for us not to place too many criteria on WHEN we’re going to let this happiness start.
The fundamental thing to remember is that being happy is a conscious choice in every moment that we have. How happy we feel is attached to the meaning and formula that we place on happiness. So the ONLY thing that stopping you from being happy right now is YOU. For example, if you think you’re only going to be happy when you earn $1million then guess what? You’ll only be happy if you earn $1m. By contrast, if you are happy just because you’re alive today guess what? You’ll find it much easier to feel happy. I loved Tony Robbins’ example of going to visit a community in Fiji. They were just happy because they could BE. They didn’t pay any attention to societies expectations that we have placed on ourselves out here in the “western” world.

In my personal experience, and I didn’t really share this with anyone before, when I was in my late teens and early 20s I came across as very happy. I’d had little to no personal development “training” at that stage, yet I always just felt lucky and happy. I used to imagine that I had a protective bubble around me that would just deflect any negativity. People sensed that and I got asked about my secret to happiness. Well, for me it was the bubble! Sadly, I let the bubble burst at 25 after the end of a relationship and at 27 when I wasn’t a married, celebrity, millionaire who had saved the world (I had big ambitions, tainted with hints of shallowness I know Anyway, looking back, what those experiences have done is made me a much wiser individual, and also just appreciate the value of my bubble rather than always focusing on a destination. I am genuinely very happy right now & I still have none of those things that I thought I needed by 27. Although I am not as untarnished by life’s experience now, as when I originally had the bubble, I know that the bubble is there for me I also know that the feeling of it just comes from me and is not dependant on others’ approval. Its there just because I make a conscious choice to live there and make decisions that will keep me there. And that energy is infectious

So the big question is, however this works for you, what limitations are you going to place on your happiness? Are you brave enough to just allow yourself to be happy? For a few more ideas, I’d highly encourage you to read this wonderful article and until next time, wishing you eternal happiness!

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