Harvard Emotional Intelligence Seminar

I have spent the last week, over in a completely fate-guided trip to Boston. The one time I wasn’t going to listen to my intuition because I travel too much/spend too much/don’t need any more training, the call to go to Harvard was very strong. So I went with it & have not only had an amazing week in Boston, but have ended up representing part of the European Delegation at the Emotional Intelligence Seminar I’m here to attend. It takes place at Harvard once every 4 years and gathers together some of the greatest thinkers in Emotional Intelligence.

The highlights for me so far were Myles Monroe on leadership & Daniel Shapiro on negotiation. Myles Monroe was very inspiring, using the metaphor of a lion to show us that even if you’re not the biggest, strongest, tallest, most intelligent or heaviest animal in the jungle, you can still be a leader – all through attitude. He also reminded us that the word for crisis in chinese was the same as the word for (dangerous) opportunity. Leaders see opportunities in crisis.

Daniel Shapiro spoke about the perfect model for negotiation, highlighting that we should encourage people to sit side by side and work on “the problem” rather than making the person the problem. It was truly amazing to see that someone who helps to negotiate peace agreements between world leaders is such a strong believer in being emotionally intelligent and in fact it is the only way to create resolution. I want to come back to Harvard Law School!

Anyway, we will be sharing our highlights with you free of charge tomorrow at 12pm EST/5pm GMT or you can listen to a recording of the webinar afterwards. Tune in here:<a href=””><img src=”×85.png” alt=”” title=”Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 19.36.39″ width=”300″ height=”85″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-779″ /></a>

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