The 7 Principles of Financial Abundance (so you can do what you love!)

We all want to do what we love and be the best we can be. You may work in accounts yet really want to be a model. You may be a cashier who wants to be a singer (come to mine & Fiona’s jazz night at Playtime if you are!) You may be an estate agent who really wants to be a spiritual teacher. 90% of our population are NOT living what they love or expressing who they are because of fear; usually of not having enough money if they do what they love. Every time I come across someone like this, I feel so blessed that I can live a life where I do exactly what I want on a day to day basis without being accountable to anybody, without worrying about by bills & without too much stress at all. I felt drawn today to share what I do in my own life, in the hope that you too fill your life with things that you truly love!
1. Get rid of any “money stories” that you have
This is my no.1 tip, because it is what we say to ourselves that actually does the most damage. Think that you never have /quite/ enough? Well guess what? What you think is what you get. I was lucky. My amazing (late) dad didn’t believe in saying no when it came to getting things. “Want all the latest mod cons at home?” “Yes. I love those.” “Always dreamed of going to Japan?” “Sure. But only if we stay in 4-5 star hotels.” “How about a loft extenuation?” “What a great idea; it will give us more space at home.” And guess what? Because I grew up around Dad being like this, my attitude to life is pretty much the same. If I want it I can have it & the finances will take care of themselves.

Not that I’m saying be irresponsible. Please don’t. What I’m saying is that because he believed he could have everything, he always had the money to do it. Dad by the way was not a millionaire. He emigrated to London from Mozambique when the country was at war, had no family support, and built up everything he had from absolutely nothing but a positive mental attitude. So if he can do it so can you. I know sometimes this is far easier said than done. What beliefs did you grow up around for example? What do you tell yourself about money? If you need to look at this a bit deeper, obviously I’m happy for you to message me for some support or theta healing to help clear any more deep rooted beliefs.

2. Meditate
This is really important again. The more that you can calm your mind down and free yourself from your thoughts – even if you can only manage 5 minutes a day – the better it will be not only for your well being, but your whole life. There are a few tips on how to meditate in my book “How to be Captivating” or in the short video clip from 10.01.12 featuring the incredibly talented Jonathan Shaw (who is also amazing at Theta by the way!)
If you want a quick kick start for a money meditation, obviously feel free to contact me, but I would also HIGHLY recommend Summer McStravick’s prosperity challenge, which although not a meditation, will not only calm down your brain, but will also give you an amazing start.

3. Don’t be attached to having it or where it comes from
When you ask God/the Universe/whatever you believe in (I will use the word God because that’s who works for me:) for a little bit of financial assistance, don’t be too attached to what this could look like. You may be going nuts trying to make your coaching business work, but your true talent might be playing the saxophone. You may find there are some things that you do where money flows really easily and others where its more a struggle.

I don’t mind sharing that when I ran Grown Up Kiss Chase as my main coaching business, this did not flow easily. Rather than getting really frustrated by it, I paid attention to where things would flow if I put my energy into that. With a few tweaks, “How to Be Captivating” was born, uncovering in the process one of my true gifts – to bring out that higher self in others so that they too can become captivating, even when they don’t see it in themselves. God had something more suited in mind for me. And you know what? After I set myself up in that way, the love opportunities started coming back after all as well as quite a few others). So as long as you remember to “ask” for the money to come from a good, joyful, loving source let God provide you with it in the way that he wishes to (which will work out amazing for you!)

4. Serve people from a place of love
If you’re doing what you love, you are likely to be serving people from this place. Please remember that people are not pound, dollar or Euro signs. No one is going to want to do business with you if your sole purpose for the “sale” is that you really need them to pay you. People smell this energy a mile off & its not attractive. A few years ago, in my capacity as a barrister I did a case for a wonderful cheeky chap from Manchester who was feeling quite stressed out about being sued. I decided to put on my cavalier comedienne side to make him feel more at ease (not losing the legal competence of course!) and he LOVED it.

I wanted to build up a bit of rapport & make him feel really happy, comfortable and taken care of as well as just “do his case”. Well, he was so thrilled to pieces, that this week, when I’ve asked God for a little extra financial support, it turns out that out of the blue, 2 years later, he’s recommended me to one of his friends who has given me an unexpectedly lucrative piece of work. The love multiplies, and sometimes it will surprise and delight you in ways that you don’t even expect.

5. Be careful who you let influence your thoughts
It is a well known fact that you become who you surround yourself by. I was lucky enough to travel to California recently, where I had the pleasure of being surrounded by the beautiful people from Awesomeness Fest and a few other AMAZING people who I adore. That high energy, magnetised my own and helped to bring out the best version of myself. I spoke to a girl recently that was about to give up on a man that she met because of negative comments from her hairdresser and a good friend of hers about his intentions.

If you listen to and surround yourself with this utter drivel, it can literally ruin your life and your opportunities. Learn to shut it out, or let them go (with love of course). Its not their fault. They just wear the more negative brand of “rose tinted spectacles” and this is what they use to see you, your dreams, the world and even themselves. Know that, and lovingly let them keep their opinions to themselves without taking on this rubbish for yourself.

6. Gratitude
“Where Gratitude goes, abundance flows” is a well known Robbins phase. And its true. Always be grateful to God, your clients, you bank and whoever else has given you a roof over your head and food to eat. We are not a war zone. There is someone on this planet that would give EVERYTHING to have your life. Acknowledge that and start being grateful. Not only does this make you more attractive to others, it makes you more attractive to opportunities and all the good stuff in life:)

7. Love Money
And lastly, how would you want to treat your husband or wife? If you ignore them, shout at them, complain that you never have enough attention from them, complain that they are not enough in general yet expect them to just be there for you, very soon you are going to be heading to the divorce courts. Like any physical relationship you have, money too is a relationship. Treat it with love, care and respect. Don’t be scared of it. And in time, as you nurture this relationship, it will start to love you too.

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