The Magic of Meditation

marcelo gorenman

Having spent one year getting up at 3:15am every single day that I have been home to lead a 4-5am morning meditation, for which I have to actually get up, get dressed & take drive to (!), I cannot believe that tonight is my last night! I’m actually really happy with myself right now, albeit too nervous to sleep as I’m half scared that I’ll now oversleep and miss it.

I was having dinner with my gorgeous goddess girlfriend Charlotte last year, when I got a phone call saying that I’d been asked to lead it. Weird timing, as Charlotte has just been telling me that she’d been getting up at 5am to meditate in recent times too, so she was the first person to get excited about having an early rising soul sister.

The prospect was scary. My spiritual friends were immensely supportive (if not quite shocked), but on the whole most people thought I had gone nuts when I said yes. In all honesty, I only really accepted because my amazing nan used to get up everyday until the day she passed away, to meditate for an hour at 4am and I remember noticing her do it when I was a little girl. I loved and respected her so much, that I thought she may be sending me a message from above to start meditating. That and I thought maybe I could sort out my lingering issues surrounding commitment of any sort 😉

Those that know me, know that I’m a complete night owl with multiple businesses, a busy social calendar, a lot of existing responsibility, full on travel schedule and an all round crazy life. If I can do this for a whole year, honestly anyone can.

I didn’t tell the people I work with because I was worried they would think I’m not getting enough sleep (usually I sleep between 11pm-3:15am & 6am-8am). I don’t think anyone could really tell at all. In fact, I was looking more energised than a lot of people who do sleep through the night. Doing something like this gives you spiritual batteries, or energy from /somewhere/ & somehow everything felt really manageable.

So what were the benefits? Over the past year, here are some that I have personally experienced:

(1)Business has been great. I’ve done very little by way of marketing (despite having a TON of business mentoring from multiple people in the past) and yet I get work & referrals from nowhere, amazing feedback from clients and all of my needs are very comfortably taken care of. Meditation I think wins hands down over any of the latest marketing fads…they say if you take care of spirit, spirit will take care of you and I’ve found that to be very very accurate.

(2) I’ve had some amazing creative ideas and opportunities. My websites are looking better than ever (mostly I’ve had to do them by myself), and I’ve recently combined my skills under my site (my other main ones being & Either during, or just after meditation I have all sorts of ideas that pop into my head from nowhere about things I should do, people I should contact or just random stuff which always enriches my life.

(3) I’ve met some incredible people. I think I have at the moment the best friends I have ever had in my life, and the people who didn’t genuinely care about me have left my life in weird and sudden ways leaving space for people that are actually amazing and worthy of my time 🙂

(4) I’ve travelled more this year than I ever have (Canada, Australia, Portugal, USA, the Congo & I’ll be going to Kenya and back to Australia next). I’ve been teaching people all over the world how to be mediators & undergone the best mediation training in the world through CEDR at no cost. I feel this is my bit for world peace & I’ve had to pay for virtually none of the travel that I have done over the past year. The position fell into my lap when a random person in Canada found my CV and asked me to apply. And I now have enough in air miles to go to Hawaii at the start of 2014 🙂

(5) Every time I have felt sad or confused, I use the 4am time to get peace and clarity. It has never failed me. I always feel good when I leave, with a renewed sense of feeling blessed and divinely protected – always.

(6) My intuitive gifts have been greatly heightened. I have been able to “see” things about other people that I shouldn’t or can’t possibly know. Not because I’m being nosy, but usually about people that are closest to me. Those nearest to me have asked me to “tune in” and give them an insight or send them an energy healing/prayer when I’m there. Or sometimes, someone will just randomly come into my mind and I may have something to share with them afterwards. Its also bought the wisdom and serenity to share these messages appropriately.

Many faith based meditations have a practice somewhere between 4-6am in the morning. So why 4am?

I think there are 2 reasons (although if you know anymore please share!)

1. The link between the “worlds” is said to be at its finest at this hour, so its the easiest time to connect

2. The rest of the world has literally stopped, so you won’t get distracted by your everyday life

However, if the prospect is too scary, really mediation at any time is good 🙂

Its very apt that on the day I got appointed, Charlotte was talking to me about the benefits of meditation. On my last day, one of my JV partners (in law, rather than in coaching) told me tonight that she does it everyday too. Her energy has changed from being the most driven, ambitious & determined woman I know to one that still has those qualities but in a wiser, more grounded, gentler-but-even-more-powerful way. She too has been meditating for a year, and has grown her business from nothing to now having 4 employees, offices, a very impressive portfolio of major corporate clients and the divine inspiration keeps coming!

In short, I’ve recommended the practice to loads of people. OK, so I don’t think I’ll go everyday now that I won’t have to, but I’m intending to keep it up 2-3 times a week. Plus I love the community that turn up (around 30-40 people on most mornings) & all the love and faith they have put in me to do it. I have just felt so touched by everyone’s support (particularly with my eclectic travel schedule) & I’ve loved this way of both honouring my nan, changing my life for the better and enjoying the rich experiences that it has bought. And on that note, I guess its time to go get ready for my last night…

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