The Scale of Consciousness

I wanted to share this article with everyone today. I think that David Hawkins’ work is very enlightening, and a great way to look at society and humanity. As the article explains the work so beautifully, I am not going to write about it at length here, but in brief, Hawkins’ work uses a numeric scale of 0-1000 to look at what level of “consciousness” you’re leading your life at right now. By “consciousness”, I mean where are your thoughts right now? How attractive are you to others? Are you happy? Are opportunities coming your way all the time? If you’re in a negative space, you’re probably at one of the lower levels.

Suffice to say, the higher you are on this scale, the more people will notice you! Only 0.1% of the population people reach a level above 500 (the level of unconditional love). But it /is/ possible, if you want it. I have also recently learnt to test what level you are at (which I have found very exciting!). I am close to 500, but what is interesting is that many of my friends, acquaintances and people that I respect are at a similar level. Who you hang out with, what you think about, what you read and what you watch will all have an effect on your level. You all have the ability to live at love or above, but making that choice and taking that journey is not always an easy one! The full article is here and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions

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