Wills & Kate Have the Perfect Brand

Brand and image can take you from an unknown to a complete superstar, or from a superstar to a megastar! The most successful people in today’s society are 100% consistent, authentic and congruent in the way that they convey themselves in every stage. Using the Royal Wedding theme of the moment; as soon as Wills & Kate announced their engagement, Kate really stepped into her role as the newest Royal with utmost decorum, elegance and sophistication. We’ve haven’t seen her stumbling home drunk, shouting at football matches, or in short do anything that’s not in keeping with her status.
And the verdict? Well, the press don’t seem to have a negative thing to say about her and they’ve both given Britain the much needed “feel good factor” on this glorious long weekend. Let’s compare her to some less popular Royals of the modern age for example Wallace Simpson or Fergie? I would go as far as to say, one reason why they lacked as much support from the public was that their image was one that wasn’t always in keeping with the one that you would expect from an HRH. As soon as your public spots behaviour, an image or a brand incongruent or inconsistent with who they think you are, or who they think you should be, based on the perceptions that have been carved out by society there is a discord. The good news in many entrepreneurial industries, is that unlike the Royals, your public DON’T usually have a pre-conceived notion of what you should be like, unless you’ve given yourself a very traditional job title. You are like an artist; you can create what you like and mould your public’s perception in the way that you choose. Those that keep it the most congruent and consistent through their image, voice, style & body language are those that will have the most impact.

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