Santa…for Christmas I’d like to be as sexy as a Victoria Secret Model. How do I do it?

I found this on youtube yesterday:

Where on earth am I supposed to look?!
At sexy Adam (he man isn’t even my type, yet I can’t take my eyes off him!!)?
The STUNNING women (ok, you don’t have to be slim to be beautiful, but you can’t deny these women are very blessed in the looks department)?
Orlando Bloom in the audience?
The Cool Song?

The whole thing is just a delicious mix of captivating presences!
So what is *it* that makes them so captivating? And don’t worry – I’m not going to say the lingerie These are my top three non-lingerie related reasons that us mere mortals can use if we too want to absolutely rock the stage!

Be in your PASSION
When you LOVE what you’re doing it completely shows. The models clearly love strutting their stuff on the stage and singing along. And Adam? He’s clearly feeling every word of the song and seems to completely adore his woman too – a perfect blend of his life’s passions. Look at how alive he looks when gets to both sing and walk down the catwalk with the lovely Anna! Everyone in this video is clearly absolutely loving what they do and its made it extremely infectious.

Ooze Confidence
Its no good being passionate about something then having no confidence to actually share your message. You are born to live your purpose, which will invariably involve sharing whatever your message is with others. If you focus on the people that you are meant to help and/or delight rather than thinking about your own demons, you’ll be fine to shine!! And if you ooze confidence, people can’t help but notice you…it makes your presence 100 times more compelling. If this is an issue for you, borrow Adam or Anna’s confidence for the day – what would they do in the situation that you’re facing?

Embrace your masculine or feminine energy
Men should be men and women should be women. OK, so this video takes the stereotype to a little bit of an extreme (lingerie models bringing out the primal side in men!) But still…it is compelling and it does work. Lets look at Adam…the song has very high ego, confident lyrics (such as “look into my eyes and I’ll own you”) and he asserts his masculine side by just about “claiming” his lady as she walks down the catwalk. Ego or not, I’m sure that performance won him many adoring fans. And Anna? She’s using her feminine by being happy, confident and very appreciative of the attention that Adam gives her. Most men will tell you that they just want to see their woman happy, so even if you’re never going to work for Victoria Secret, remember that being so happy that you shine is EXTREMELY attractive.

So lets make this personal…..after I watched the video yesterday, clearly had the song in my head and I decided to have it on in my car whilst I was driving around London. Me being me, I was obviously singing along, and in this case imagining that I had *that* sort of confidence in me (yep, this is what I do when I’m driving around on my own!). What happened? Well, I ended up singing at a jazz club (which I had no intention of singing at last night) and had someone come up to me and say “I was going to film that, but you were so enchanting that I forgot”. Couldn’t believe it! And, to give my ego an even bigger boost, another man in the audience asked if he could take me for a drink (and he was actually pretty lovely, so hey – lets see if he calls
Moral? Even if you’re not going to strut down the catwalk in aquatic underwear, borrow this confident, happy, passionate vibe and see magic happen in your day!

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