Its all about mindset – a mission for this week should you choose to accept it

I’m feeling very grateful right now to have been able to be of assistance, in particular to two girls that felt that life was about stress, guilt & overwhelm. I think its tragic to see someone in their early 20s feel that that is all there is. The scenario in one girl’s case was this. She had been carrying around FOR LIFE, the belief that if she didn’t work so hard (to the point of exhaustion), that she would be classified as lazy, feel guilty about it & she would be a complete failure. Oh my goodness – why on earth would you choose to carry that around? And in the context of the performing on stage (or in this case courtroom advocacy), carrying this mindset around with you can clearly set you up for some really poor results.

So I asked her if she saw a third alternative between “guilty and lazy” and “stressed and overworked”. She said she could, but it was almost as if she wasn’t allowed to have it. Living her life without the stress was clearly too big a deal. We did a little work around relaxation techniques, after which I invited her to try on her new mental diet until Christmas (rather than trying it for life – too big a challenge for now!) She agreed. 24 hours later, she was already looking like a different woman and sailed through an assessment that she had previously failed.

Anyway, the point of this little story is two fold.

1. Taking care of your mindset can really lead to some magical results, and often its the smallest shift hat will do it; and

2. Sharing something with someone that may be simple for you, can be surprisingly mind-blowing for them

So, here’s my challenge for the week for all of you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in coaching, EFT, yoga, intuitive counselling or whatever floats your boat. You can touch someone’s life just by making them smile. The bonus is that you’ll feel amazing too, so why don’t we go out and make someone happy? Especially if you come across someone like my girls – you can truly give them the gift of LIFE

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