What is heaven & Hell

This isn’t my writing – it comes from the very talented Katherine Woodward Thomas, but I loved this analogy & thought I would share it 🙂 Lets try and create heaven everyday!

Love to you all xxx

“hell is like this. You enter a beautiful dining hall, decorated with the finest linens and china.

Over in the corner, an orchestra plays exquisite music. You look around and see that everyone is dressed in elegant clothes and draped in splendid jewels. They are all sitting around tables abundant with fine food and drink. You think you’ve arrived.

But slowly you begin to see that there is something wrong. The people do not look happy. As a matter of fact, they look rather sad and confused. In spite of the magnificent array of food laid out before them, they cannot partake of it because the utensils they have are too large. Although they can manage to get the food onto their forks, they cannot get it into their mouths. The handles on their silverware are simply too long. You notice that they are starving to death.”

He sat quietly.

“And heaven?” I asked, taking the bait. “Oh, heaven,” he replied, with a mischievous smile.

“You walk into the same scenario. Same fine linen and china, same exquisite music, same magnificent food, even the same utensils. Only this time the people are flourishing, laughing, smiling and having a wonderful time. And the only difference is that, while the people still cannot feed themselves with their large forks, they have learned how to use their utensils to feed one another.”

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