Let Go…

If you’re full of worries, this can really affect your performance in business and in life. If you’re ready to let it all go (or at least give it a damn good try!), it can be fun to make a bit of a ceremony of it and start next month off with a bang! I want to share with you my two favourite ways of letting it go….

1. The Sky Lantern
If you’re having a party at home, you can buy 2 sky lanterns. On one lantern, write down all your wishes and dreams for the year ahead. On the other, write down everything you want to let go of this year. Then light the lanterns and watch them carry your wishes into the sky. If you are of a spiritual nature, you can treat this as your letter to God/the Universe/whoever you believe in, and trust that he will take care of it for you now that you’ve asked.

2. The Burning
If you’re not of a spiritual nature (or maybe you just prefer this idea!) good old fashioned burning can be very therapeutic. Before you start thinking I’m advocating arson, all I’m suggesting is to write down everything that bothers you. Getting it on paper can be helpful in itself. Once you have everything down, burn it all!! If you want, you can even burn other things that remind you of the bad stuff in your life.
Please remember to stay safe whichever option you choose!

Don’t forget to write some new, empowering intentions so that you can now make your dreams come true.
Wishing you all dream fulfillment and all the good stuff!!

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